INKT edition, 2015
17 signed and numbered editions (+ 1 Poster) of 100
In collaboration with Biennale di Venezia 2015, Italy
photo: Thomas Koester

Editions by Hieronymus Cock and Manon Bolssens, 2015
signed and numbered edition of 100
photo: Thomas Koester

Editions by Katharina Sieverding and Marjolein Bolckmans, 2015
signed and numbered edition of 100
photo: Thomas Koester


In 2015 INKT started of as a platform for collaborative projects between art students, established artists and art institutions.

Graphical analysis and representation play here a central role. The historical as well as the contemporary potential of graphics form a starting point for a critical, retrospective as well as a perspective look towards the possibilities of this medium.

Reprography through mechanical or electrical means, such as photography, lithography, xerox or the internet question authorship, originality and exchange of information.

Living in a world directed by speed and an overflow of images & informations, we approach this matter from an artistic point of view. Going back to the actual idea of reprography, namely reflection and interpretation.

INKT is directed by the artists Emmanuel Van Hove and Felicitas Rohden, who are both printmaking lectures at the Fine Art Department at St-Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp.


Venice printmaking studio
studio view
photo: Emmanuel Van Hove

Biennale Sessions, Biennale di Venezia 2015
installation view
photo: Wannes Vrijs