by Graziella Torrigiani
(in English)

Felicitas Rohden is an artist who lives and works between Brussels and Düsseldorf.
Her artistic practice questions space and its perception using found scientific
imagery and translating it into a sculptural vocabulary. Her work is characterized
by subtle interactions between materials and shapes, object qualities, such as
reflection, and the treacherous illusiveness of materials that appear to be something
other than what they are.

Working with the challenges of the in situ notion of the exhibition space, she
summons the short-lived wandering of the spectator’s look.

The Heavy Hollow, the new proposition Felicitas Rohden has chosen to bring into
TORX’s space, plays with weight and matter issues.

The artist took her inspiration from the scientific representation of ‘Klein’s bottle’,
which can be constructed by joining the edges of two Moebius strips together,
creating a ‘non-orientable surface, and also an infinite container with a vase shape’.
Science weaves here the backdrop in an omnipresent pattern, the matrix grid of
a drawing or a 3D landscape to build. An orderly tangle which both encloses and
structures the chaos and human proliferations.

The historical burden of the suspended vases opposes that of their material: molded
latex, which diverted from its usual connotations, reveals its delicacy. Inflated with
air, it transforms